We are Level99.  

A celebration of women. Our attitude is confident and our fashion is about feeling good. We are passionate, proud and powerful. Our product is honest and our home is Los Angeles. We aim to inspire and celebrate the everyday beauty and keep it real with our fits and style. We believe that looking awesome and feeling awesome is a right, not a luxury. We will make it simply effortless to look as good as you feel. We aim to inspire women through our simple approach to effortless style.  Playful essentials, for looking awesome and feeling awesome - All The Time.


Our Awesome Women: Those who love what they do and embrace change.  We stand for those who don’t sweat the small stuff because life is about learning.  We stand for those who do it with passion and live in every moment.  We celebrate the young at heart.  The women in real life, the fearless ones who know it is cool to care.  Those who don’t dress up for anyone but themselves—so no matter what they do, they always look as good as they feel – being happy never goes out of style.


Our Values

Conscious Mind: At Level99, we broaden and challenge our business progress with respect for the environment.  We acknowledge that it is our corporate responsibility to consider the consequences of what we do and its environmental impact.  We strive to make awesome styles in the most considered way.  To use the most applicable technology to further our pledge to going green.  Through our use of sustainable materials and carbon offsetting we are better able to minimize our footprint on Earth all the while providing quality designed to last for women on the go.  We have a responsibility to keep you looking awesome whilst minimizing the impact on the environment, and that starts with our manufacturing processes:


Less Water, Less Waste: A lot of water goes into making denim, making it a taxing process on the environment, especially here in California.  To combat this, we use a state-of-the-art laundry system that reduces and recycles water that is typically wasted in traditional production.  We approach the traditional denim manufacturing process from an eco-conscious perspective through the use of natural dyes and less hazardous chemicals coupled with latest technology to reduce water usage, reduce cotton waste, and less energy usage. To achieve our unique washes, we use laser systems to steer away from chemicals and dye usage.


Sustainable Style: Our product line contains Tencel and Modal—sustainably harvested and fully biodegradable fibers. The fibers that make up our denim come from sustainable forests with trees that regrow on their own naturally, leaving no need to replant trees after harvesting.


Carbon Conscience: Most people are aware of denim’s harmful impact to our planet due to its chemical dyes and large consumption of water, but did you know that denim also leaves a carbon footprint on the Earth? The traditional manufacturing process of denim uses electricity, and electricity generates carbon. Traditional logistics and shipping of denim also use fossil fuels that generate even more carbon emissions. Carbon emissions are inevitable in our entire production cycle, we cannot proactively reduce all the carbon we are generating. We can however do our part to offset that carbon we generate, and we do this with the help of our partner, TerraPass through our Forever Black and Forever White collections. With every purchase from these collections, Level99 donate proceeds toward the planting of trees, gas capture projects, and renewable energy such as solar and wind—all of which work to offset the carbon we create while manufacturing our denim. Together, we can do our part to minimize our carbon footprint on our Earth.


More about our Carbon Off-Setting Project: With help from TerraPass, the world’s leading emissions off-setting experts, Level99 fund projects around the world, particularly in USA to neutralize the emissions generated by our manufacturing and use of our product. Together, Level99 and TerraPass estimated how much carbon is generated through production, logistics and consumer use and our pledge began Earth Day, April 22, 2015.  Level99 continues to off-set the carbon emissions for every pair of Forever Black and Forever White jeans sold.


About TerraPass: We are proud to be working with TerraPass, the world’s leading carbon off-setting experts and their on-going effort to curb greenhouse gas emissions across the USA and world. Their incredible mission traverses many ecological projects including emissions off-setting, water reduction, gas capture, and other crucial areas that are so desperately needed. To learn more about TerraPass, check out their website: www.terrapass.com.