Here at Level 99, we broaden and challenge our business progress with respect for the environment. We acknowledge that it is our corporate responsibility to consider the consequences of what we do and its cultural and environmental impact. We strive to use the most current technology to further our relentless push to going green. Through our use of sustainable materials and carbon offsetting we are better able to minimize our footprint on the Earth all the while providing high quality products to you, our eco-conscious customer. Sustainable Material : We are committed to sustainability, which is why over 90% of our product line contain Tencel and Modal, sustainably harvested fibers from our affiliate Lenzing. It is important that our fibers come from sustainable forests because they consist of trees that regrow by themselves naturally, no need to replant after harvesting.  Also because of their botanic origin, Tencel & Modal are 100% biodegradable and easily recyclable. 

Carbon Conscience Community : Here at Level 99 Jeans we are concerned about the future our planet and while fashion isn’t something that most people perceive as a segment of their life that generates carbon – the truth is that it does, manufacturing process use electricity and for the most part electricity generates carbon. Further, logistics and shipping use fossil fuels that generate carbon. Carbon and emissions are created in so many places, most of which are hard or currently impossible to curb and since we cannot proactively reduce the carbon we’re generating, we are working with TerraPass to actively help us offset the carbon that is created through the life of our Forever Black and Forever White Collection. With every purchase from the Forever Black and Forever White Collection our customers are automatically enrolled in the Carbon Conscious Community. It’s just another opportunity for Level 99 and our customers to go green.

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More about our Carbon Off-Setting Project : With help from TerraPass, the world’s leading emissions off-setting experts, Level 99 is funding projects around the USA to neutralize the emissions generated by manufacturing and use of our product. Together, Level 99 and TerraPass estimated how much carbon is generated through production, logistics and consumer use and decided to take action: Starting on Earth Day, April 22, 2015 Level 99 will off-set the emissions for every pair of Forever Black and Forever White Collection jeans sold.

About TerraPass: We are proud to be working with TerraPass, the world’s leading carbon off-setting experts and their on-going effort to curb greenhouse gas emissions across the USA and world. Their incredible mission traverses many ecological projects including emissions off-setting, water reduction, gas capture, and other crucial areas that are so desperately needed. To learn more about TerraPass, check out their website here.